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January 1, 2024

‘Autumn’ Is Seelo’s Latest Release on Enhanced Recordings

Lebanese-American producer Seelo has just released ‘Autumn,’ a progressive gem on Enhanced Recordings. Featuring spellbinding vocals from George Gleeson, the track is an emotive and deeply personal dancefloor anthem.

‘Autumn’ will resonate with listeners emotionally, as the track radiates energy, sending fans on an ethereal journey. It follows Seelo’s previous tracks such as ‘Illuminate‘ and ‘Distend‘ which were also released on Enhanced Recordings.

“The song is called ‘Autumn,’ so while I was amazed by the lyrics and vocals, George Gleeson sent us his vocals with beautiful lyrics and I instantly fell in love. The theme of this song is ‘fading away with autumn.’ This goes hand in hand with what I’m currently experiencing in my life, so the coincidence is remarkable. This song captures that moment when everything changes. Perhaps a relationship is coming to an end or you are moving to a new place. The song is about accepting change.” – Seelo

Born and bred in the techno capital of the world, Detroit, Seelo has made a name for himself in the Western Canadian music scene. His genres of choice bounce between progressive house and bass house, releasing on so many labels such as Mix Feed, Braslive, Deadbeats, Confession and Smash the House. ‘Autumn’ was also featured on Armin Van Buuren’s ASOT 1150, an honour for up-and-coming artists. Combining these two genres is unheralded within this industry. Using his creativity, Seelo wants to make music that resonates with people and draws out their inner joy.

You can stream the track here:

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