Relive Nicky Romero’s Energetic Historic ‘Nightvision’ Show

Nicky Romero’s first-ever solo show, titled ‘Nightvision‘, has received unprecedented attention. After establishing a career spanning over a decade, Nicky Romero decided to diversify from the progressive sound he was synonymous with. With recent collaborators including Hardwell, Afrojack, and Jonas Blue, Romero has made it clear that he’s the king of adopting a new style […]

PLS&TY Launches “Proper Manners” Radio Show


Florida-native producer PLS&TY is always one to keep something exciting up his sleeve, and this time, he’s launched his biweekly “Proper Manners” radio show. Fans can tune in via Insomniac Radio (airing on each 2nd Wednesday at 2PM PST), and to celebrate this achievement, he’s released a special remix pack of his recent hit “Party […]

Lotus Gathering: Part Spiritual Retreat, Part Music & Arts Festival

An Experience for Those Seeking Connection, Community, and Healing For most music and arts festival-goers, music is the big draw — at least, initially. But festivals are so much more than that. They’re an opportunity to just be — to lose yourself blissfully in the music, the art, and the vibes. Even more than that, […]

Defunk Releases 5th Studio Album, “The Voyage”

Defunk Releases 5th Studio Album, "The Voyage"

Canadian DJ and producer Defunk has released his brand new 14-track album, “The Voyage.” It’s his first in over a decade, and fifth overall, and it’s a scintillating journey through genre-bending soundscapes. Moreover, these elements are what established him as a pioneer of bass-influenced music throughout his long career. “The Voyage” by Defunk also serves […]

Show Review – Ben Gold at Summer Splash 08/18/23

Ben Gold

Ben Gold’s Summer Splash set in Venice, Florida was an absolute masterpiece that left the crowd in awe and craving for more. From the moment he took the stage, it was clear that we were in for an incredible night of music and entertainment. Methodical madness One of the standout aspects of Ben Gold’s set […]