'End of the Beginning' art cover

January 1, 2024

Sevenn Makes His FHM Debut with ‘End of the Beginning’

California-based producer Sevenn makes his Future House Music with the release of his latest track ‘End of the Beginning‘. Opening with glimmering melodies,¬†Sevenn layers in a driving, undulating bassline synths an ethereal and dark feeling to the track. The otherworldly vocals in the track add to the sonic tone, at times looped to represent the life-death-life circle that Sevenn was so inspired by when creating the track. It follows his recent collaborations with ASHER SWISSA,¬†Goom Gum, and Laidback Luke.

“The ‘End Of The Beginning’ I wrote while at my mom’s house on the central coast of California, I had set my laptop and studio outside to watch the moonrise. I had been dealing with the thought of death and life, and the cycle, the ouroboros, and the song stemmed from there. It’s about the intensity of the never-ending cycle, the dragon eating its own tail, and out of death comes life. Something about that moonrise in the cold left a mark.” – Sevenn

Now in 2024, with support from the giants Tale Of Us on his new track ‘Deep Space,’ Sevenn¬†is set to reach the highest levels of global success as an artist and producer.

Listen to ‘End of the Beginning’ here:


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